Wednesday, May 6, 2009

For The Love Of Music~FTU

For this tutorial you will need a working knowledge of PSP. I use PSP 9.

Supplies: I have used a beautiful scrapkit called Music Of The Night! I've seen a few tuts created with this kit and I can't believe how different they are. You can get this scrapkit from Jamie Dell
Thank you for sharing!

Tube of Choice: I am using an Archie Dickens tube which you will need a licence
to use. Those tubes are sold here

Mask of Choice or WSL_Mask 4 which you can find here

Thank you all for sharing your talent with us! And don't forget that when you go to download these supplies, please leave a thank you for the creators!

Fonts of Choice: Pristina and Aniron

Now before we start remember that this tut is only a guide, your imagination and talent will make this tag your own!

Note: You will need to resize each paper and element as these are quite large.

Open a New Layer 650x650 and copy and paste a paper of choice, I used paper 11

Go to Layers-Load/Save Mask-load mask from disk, choose your mask. Merge group.

Copy and paste the heart, add a drop shadow. Next I added the ribbon circle and resized, next add paper of choice I used paper 1.
Click on the ribbon circle and use your wand and click inside and copy and paste a paper of choice. Modify-expand by 7-invert-delete. Add your drop shadow.

Now add your embellishments of choice.Use my tag as a guide. I added the MUSIC wordart and placed the tree and leaf behind it.

I then added my tube and resized it a little and made it look as if she was sitting on the MUSIC wordart. I then added the music wings resized them and rotated them and placed them behind the girl so it looks like she has wings.

Now x out the background layer, tube, mask and MUSIC layer. Merge the other layers visible. Go to effects Eyecandy 4000-gradient glow and
outline with a colour of choice.

Go back and un x the other layers go to MUSIC and type the words For The Love Of and then drop shadow. Go to Eyecandy again put a gradient glow around both of these, one at a time, different colours work well.

I now resized my tag to make it a little bit smaller and then added copyrights. Add your name and x out the background if you wish and save as a PNG or a JPEG and you are done!!

Thank you for trying out my tut any similiarities to any other tuts is by coincidence only or great minds think
If you'd like to show off your tag email me I'd love to see what you've created.

Written and created by JustJo63 6th May 2009

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